Bored Piles

Large Diameter (>600mm)
Small Diameter (300 - 600mm)

CFA Piling

Augered Displacement (Screw Piles)
Continuous Flight Auger Piles
Cased Secant Piling (CSP)

Driven Piles

Cast in Place
Preformed (concrete, steel, timber)



Pile Testing

Integrity Testing
Pile Driving Analyser
Static Load Testing
Sonic Coring

Retaining Walls

Diaphragm Walling
Pile Retaining Walls/Contiguous/Secant
Sheet Piling

Ground Improvement

Treatment of Workings (Drilling and Grouting)
Vibro Techniques
Dynamic Compaction
Specialist Grouting
Vertical Drains
Ground Freezing
Soil Improvement

Other Systems

Ground Anchors
Restricted access / Low headroom
Shafts for Lift Rams
Pressure Relief Wells
Cut-Off Barriers
Marine Work