Bachy Soletanche Ltd

Foundation Court
Watchmoor Park
Surrey GU15 3RG

Tel: 01276 674940
Fax: 01276 674801


Bachy Soletanche Ltd offers the following Geotechnical Engineering Techniques:

Primary Provider

The Member provides the technique using their own plant, personnel etc.

Secondary Provider

The Member provides the technique using another company working under the Member's supervision.

Bored Piles

Large Diameter (>600mm)

Small Diameter (300 - 600mm)

CFA Piling

Cased Secant Piling (CSP)

Augered Displacement (Screw Piles)

Continuous Flight Auger Piles

Driven Piles

Preformed (concrete, steel, timber)




Retaining Walls

Diaphragm Walling

Pile Retaining Walls/Contiguous/Secant

Sheet Piling

Ground Improvement

Treatment of Workings (Drilling and Grouting)

Specialist Grouting

Soil Improvement

Vertical Drains

Dynamic Compaction

Vibro Techniques

Other Systems

Ground Anchors

Cut-Off Barriers

Marine Work

Restricted access / Low headroom

Pressure Relief Wells

Shafts for Lift Rams

All Members