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FPS Pre-commencement Piling Standard


In general piling operations is one of (and in many cases) the first sub-contractors to work on a construction site. The work is very dirty; the rigs are heavy (up to 150t) and tend to be rather large, lots of associated equipment such as, casing, cages, and augers) are needed along with attendant plant such as cranes, excavators and dumpers. It is not practicable or safe to stack this equipment and therefore large areas of floor space may be required. There are also many daily vehicle movements i.e. reinforcement cage and concrete deliveries in particular and muck away leaving site. This leads to the need for certain facilities to be immediately available in order for the piling to safely commence in a satisfactory manner and also in accordance with legislation.

It is essential to ensure the arrangements are made some weeks prior to the piling contractor arriving on site.

This document offers guidance on the minimum acceptable conditions expected before work commences.

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FPS Pre-commencement Piling Standard