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Lifting Operations on Piling Sites - Appointed Person Statement

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In 2000 (revised 2004 and 2005), the FPS prepared a Code of Industry Best Practice incorporating the requirements of LOLER (1998) and the associated HSE ACOP L113. The FPS LOLER Code was reviewed by the HSE without adverse comment.

The above FPS LOLER Code looks in detail how LOLER applies to Piling Operations. It specifically addresses four aspects:

  • Definitions: How LOLER relates to Piling Rigs and associated equipment
  • LOLER Considerations on Piling sites.
  • Organisation and Supervision of lifting operations
  • Examinations, Inspections and Records.

The FPS (in line with BS 7121:2006 Code of Practice for Safe Use of Cranes Part 1 General) consider that on the larger sites where lifting operations are carried out by various sub-contractors, the Principal Contractor has a responsibility to appoint the Appointed Person, however, the piling company will still provide a lift plan for the piling operations and will control their own lifting operations on site.

A lift plan will be produced and approved by the “Appointed Person”. This Appointed Person will have completed a minimum three day Appointed Persons’ training course or be holder of a CPCS Appointed Person Card. Routine lifting on site however would be carried out by a competent person, holding a “Slinger/Signaller” qualification.

The slinger/signaller qualification may be one of the following:

  1. CPCS Card endorsed “Slinger/Signaller”.
  2. CSCS Piling Operations by NVQ2 (includes Unit PR07 “Slinging and signalling”). [CSCS card will be endorsed: “Piling Operative NVQ Level 2”]
  3. CSCS Piling Operations by Industry Accreditation [CSCS card will be endorsed: “Piling Operative Industry Accreditation A” or “B” or “Piling Operative Experienced Worker”]

The type of loads that a slinger/signaller would routinely lift on a piling site would include:

  • Reinforcement bars and reinforcement cages
  • Plant and equipment with lifting points or obvious attachment points
  • Precast and steel piles
  • Test beams or kentledge
  • Pile casings, including extraction from a pile shaft
  • Loading and unloading lorries

This lift is not meant to be exclusive, but to suggest examples

The lifting apparatus could include a mobile or crawler crane, excavator or piling rig hoist.


The Federation of Piling Specialists
February 2008

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