Driven Piling

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Driven Steel Bearing Piles

Driven Cast Insitu piling
Precast driven piling
Driven Steel Bearing Piles

A heavy steel tube, fitted with an expendable shoe, is driven to the required depth to suit the soil conditions and loads imposed on the piles. Reinforcement is placed within the tube which is then filled with high slump concrete and the tube withdrawn. 

A fully reinforced, pre-cast concrete pile manufactured under factory conditions is driven to depth. The piles can be extended using an appropriate jointing system.  Piles can be installed to significant depths, in soft ground and can be pre-coated with a bituminous slip layer to reduce the effects of negative skin friction. The piles can also be pre-coated, after casting, to provide protection against aggressive or contaminated soils.

A steel bearing pile (H or I section, or steel tubular pile) is driven to depth and the steel left in situ.  In the case of a tubular pile, the tube can be concreted internally.  In a similar manner to precast piles, steel piles can be pre-coated and jointed.

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