CFA Piling

CFA Piling Auger Displacement Piles Auger Displacement Piles

CFA Piles

CFA piles are formed by drilling to the required depth using a hollow stem continuous flight auger. After reaching the designed depth, a high slump concrete is then pumped through the hollow stem. While the concrete is being pumped, the auger is withdrawn at a controlled rate, removing the soil and forming a shaft of fluid concrete extending to ground level. A reinforcing cage is then inserted into the fluid concrete.  Cased CFA systems are also available.

Auger Displacement Piles (Screw Piles)

The displacement tool is screwed into the ground by a powerful, high torque piling rig. The ground is displaced laterally and downwards and thus minimal spoil is created.

As the displacement tool is withdrawn, concrete is pumped down the tool to create a helical shaft and the reinforcement installed, in the same way as a CFA pile.

FPS member companies offering CFA piling.


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